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It's not every day that you need a scan so it’s only normal to have questions. Here are some of the most common questions we hear and their answers.

Insurance And Payments

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What do I need to bring with me the day of my exam?

Bring your driver’s license, passport or state issued identification with a picture ID, complete insurance information, including your insurance card with ID number and group number. In addition, for workers' compensation claims and automobile injuries, bring your claim number, the date of injury and the name and address of your attorney.

Bring the written order (script) and any other paperwork your physician may have given you.

Bring any prior imaging studies that would help us perform and interpret your exam. If you are unable to obtain these in advance, we will have you sign an authorization form at the time of your exam, and obtain the prior studies for you.

Do I need preauthorization from my health care policy or plan?

Some plans do require pre-authorization. You may contact us and we can provide certified assistance with your pre-authorization requirements. We will need at least 24 hours or more before your appointment to provide this service since many factors and parties may be involved. Your insurance company can also answer any questions you may have about what is covered and what is not.

Does Open Imaging file secondary claims as well as primary ones?

Yes, we will file secondary claims for you.

I don't have medical insurance. Can I find out how much my exam will cost?

If you do not have medical insurance and/or you are concerned about paying for your procedure, contact billing at (801) 313-0803 and we will give you an approximate cost. We can work with you in setting up a payment plan, including cash-pay discounts on the day of service.

Can I make my own appointment with Open Imaging?

MRI procedures require a physician's order. If your physician has given you a written order for an exam, or faxed the order to our office, you can call us to schedule your exam. You must bring the written order with you at the time of your appointment.

Why do I need to arrive 15 minutes prior to my exam time?

It is necessary for you to arrive early in order to complete your paperwork and prepare for your exam.

What type of clothing should I wear for my exam?

Wear comfortable, metal-free clothing (i.e., sweat pants, T-shirt, shorts, metal-free bra, etc.). It may be necessary to have you change into a set of scrubs, depending on your exam. Secure lockers will be provided for your clothing.

What if I still have questions after reviewing this web site?

We are happy to answer your questions before your exam begins. We invite you to contact us ( or call the location where your exam is scheduled.

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How long will it take for my physician to get the results of my exam?

Your results will be faxed and/or mailed to your physician within 24 hours of your exam. If requested by your physician, a verbal report will be called to their office. Your physician also can have access to your reports and images immediately after each one is processed via our complimentary, secure and HIPAA-compliant Physician Portal. If your physician does not have login access, a user name and password can be provided to them by our office. Have your physician contact us for more details.

Will my physician receive a copy of my images?

Most physicians do not require images. A board-certified radiologist interprets your exam, and the results are faxed to your physician. On occasion, it may be necessary for you to take your images to your physician. Your physician can also view your exam online via our complimentary, secure and HIPAA-compliant Physician Portal.

What if I have a question about my bill?

For questions about your bill, please call our billing office at 800-491-6759, or fax 330-656-1660.

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What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a technique that allows doctors to see inside the body in remarkable detail without using radiation. Instead, MRI uses a powerful magnet, radio waves, and a sophisticated computer system to produce pictures of various parts of the body.

Open Imaging – Redwood features the Hitachi Oasis, the first high-field, tubeless MRI scanner in Utah.

How do I prepare for my MRI exam?

Very little preparation is required. You may eat, drink, and take your medications. Prior to the scan, you will be encouraged to use the restroom.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire before your MRI exam. Because of the potential harmful effects associated with some metallic objects in a magnetic field, you should tell the technologist performing your exam if you have had any surgeries, or if you have a pacemaker, aneurysm clips, metal in your eyes, metal implants in your ears, an implanted drug infusion device, shrapnel or bullet wounds, or permanent eyeliner.

If you have ever been a metal worker, you may be required to have special x-rays before your exam to make sure there are no metal fragments in your eye(s).

Tell us if you are, or suspect you might be pregnant.

You will be asked to remove all metallic items from your person, such as watches, cell phones, jewelry, hairpins, eyeglasses, and hearing aids. Also, do not take credit, bank or parking cards with you into the scanner - the magnet will erase the information recorded on the metallic strip. An area for the safekeeping of your valuables is provided outside the scanner area.

What can I expect during my MRI exam?

A certified, registered technologist will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you might have. A Board Certified radiologist will review your medical history and then tailor the MRI study specifically for your medical problems.

You will be positioned on the MRI table by the technologist. A device, called a coil, may be placed over or wrapped around the area to be scanned. You will then be positioned onto the "sweet spot” of the magnet.

You will hear a tapping noise as the MRI scans are taken. You will be offered earplugs or headphones with your choice of music to reduce the noise. You are encouraged to bring your own music (iPod or compact disc). It is very important to hold completely still while the scan is being performed. At all times, the technologist will be able to see you and communicate with you on a two-way intercom. Most procedures take thirty minutes.

For some exams, contrast will be injected into a vein in your arm during the procedure to enhance the images. The contrast used for MRI does not contain iodine.

The technologist will show your examination to the radiologist, and additional images will be obtained if needed.

What will happen following my MRI exam?

After your MRI exam, you may resume your normal activities, diet, and medications unless instructed otherwise by the technologist or your doctor. Any contrast given for your exam will be eliminated in a day or two.

Your study will be reviewed by the radiologist after the exam has been completed. Your physician will be sent a detailed final report immediately upon electronic signature by fax. If your physician has signed up for online access on our secure, HIPAA-compliant Physician Portal, which provides live web-access to your images and reports, they will have access to review them prior to your next appointment.

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Insurance and Payments:

How do I find out if my insurance company or Medicare will cover an imaging exam?

Just call our Patient Coordinators and we’ll tell you — up front — an estimated procedure cost, and an estimate of what your insurance company or Medicare will cover. These estimated amounts are based on the latest information from your insurance company.

If I don’t have health insurance coverage, or my insurance company or Medicare won’t cover a procedure, what are my options for paying out of pocket?

Open Imaging Centers welcome self-paying patients. Not only do we provide discounts for self-paying patients, but we also offer several payment options, including interest-free financing through the Lifestyle Lending or individualized installment payment plans with King’s Open Imaging. Please call our Patient Coordinators for details.

How can I find out, in advance, exactly what my imaging procedure will cost at Open Imaging?

Just call our Patient Coordinators and we’ll be glad to tell you — up front — an estimated procedure cost, and an estimate of what your insurance company or Medicare will cover. These estimated amounts are based on the latest information from your insurance company.

All insurance forms will be filed by Open Imaging. However, deductibles, co-insurances and co-payments may be collected at time services are rendered. Verification of benefits will be completed for each patient. Quoted benefits are based on information supplied by the insurance carrier and are not a guarantee of payment. Allowable charges not paid by the insurance carrier may be transferred to the patient responsibility for payment.

Our staff will be happy to assist all patients on an individual and case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding insurance or payment options.

Accepted Forms of Payment
We also accept cash, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and pre-approved Letters of Protection.