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When Patients Come First, The Rest Naturally Follows.

King's Medical Group Logo King's began forming partnerships with hospitals in 1981 for the purpose of improving the accessibility and quality of patient care, frequently in underserved markets. Today, King's provides hospital administrators with creative business solutions enabling them to add diagnostic imaging or therapeutic equipment including MRI, CT, PET, cath labs, and radiation therapy.

King's continues to partner with hospitals and physician and investor groups. Joint ventures, partnerships, outpatient centers, and medical office buildings are among the many integrated business solutions King's provides physicians, outpatient facilities and healthcare providers.

King's purpose is to enhance the lives of patients, physicians and hospitals' fiscal wellbeing by contributing our extensive business experience and acumen, which helps to raise the bar on the provision of quality healthcare while enhancing revenues in each partner facility.

King's begins with the customer's vision, encircles it with King's expertise, and wraps it with its shared values to strengthen the success of every partner and project.

King's objective is to develop solutions that make a difference to communities, organizations, and bottom lines. Everyone wins when patients are better served — it is why we opened our doors in 1981 — it is why they remain open today.