Oasis MRI Machine utah

Oasis™ Technical Specifications

  • The industry's highest Open MRI magnetic field strength at 1.2 Tesla.
  • Vertical field technology results in 45 cm "field of view" in all three axes, unmatched by tube technology. What this means to you, is that your body's signals will not fade but achieve superior homogeneity from top to bottom, left to right, front to back.
  • The widest table at 82cm with a 20cm lateral movement allows the technologists to place your specific body part in the "Sweet Spot" of the magnet. Comparatively, tube MRIs only have one physical sweet spot - the center of the tube, and it may not cover the area being scanned.
  • Unobstructed patient view provides superior comfort and reduced anxiety
  • The highest table capacity at 660 pounds.

Vertical Field Magnet

  • Outstanding SNR in a spherical imaging volume
  • 1.2T vertical field strength
  • Superconductive design
  • Active shielding
  • Uniformity: 0.3 PPM @ 35cm DSV(RMS)
  • 45cm x 45cm x 45cm FOV

Superior Comfort and Reduced Anxiety

  • Unobstructed patient view
  • Patient area lighting
  • SoftSound™ Gradient Technology
  • Industry leading patient table
  • 660 lbs. table capacity
  • 82cm wide
  • 3 axis motorized movement
  • In-bore lateral movement
  • Multiple Coil connections

Higher Order Active Shim Technology

  • One button adjustment
  • Linear and nonlinear terms
  • Fat saturation benefits from high magnetic field uniformity

High Output Gradient System

  • 33 mT/m maximum strength and 100 T/m/sec maximum slew rate
  • Single axis measurements
  • Short TR/TE and FSE inter-echo time (IET)
  • Fast scans with excellent image quality

VERTEX Computer and ORIGIN Operating Software

  • Dual core host CPU
  • 24" LCD monitor
  • Unlimited protocol library
  • Intelligent parameter selection guidance

RF System and Coils

  • RF System
  • 8 Channels (8 SDCs)
  • Supports multiple coil connections
  • RAPID parallel imaging software
  • RF Coils
  • Unique high performance designs
  • Solenoid coil uniformity, sensitivity and efficiency

Superior Clinical Capabilities

  • SARGE™ Steady State Sequences
  • DWI with ADC map
  • Regional shimming
  • RAPID Parallel Imaging
  • RADAR™
  • TIGRE™

To learn more about the Oasis, click here (http://www.oasismri.com/)