A Comfortable Experience.

We take great efforts in creating a comfortable, convenient experience. It all starts with our private, focused outpatient facilities. With front door, reserved parking, you'll never need to deal with crowded parking decks or long walks from the parking lot. Once in the door, you'll find everything right in front of you without having to navigate long corridors, multiple elevators or several check-in locations. And, since our facilities are exclusive to outpatient services, you will not experience long wait times or get bumped due to emergency room or inpatients. What's more, to better ensure your comfort and privacy, we do not use those uncomfortable backless gowns others provide.

MRI Exams

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) gives doctors the ability to obtain a highly detailed scan of various parts of the body by using powerful magnets and radio waves instead of radiation. Our newest Open MRI, Oasis™, enables doctors to get this high resolution scan in a completely open, tubeless environment.

Contrast MRI Exams

In some cases, it is necessary to enhance an MRI scan with a contrast agent such as gadolinium. It is injected through a vein in the hand or arm to help the diagnostic process. By allowing certain organs, blood vessels or tissues to stand out, any disease or injury can often be seen much easier and with better certainty. We are a leader in the community for providing patients with the newest, safest, most sensitive contrast agents.

MRI Arthograms

Like contrast exams, arthograms utilize an injected contrast agent to better identify abnormalities and injuries. Generally conducted as a series of x-rays, they are a proven method of determining an issue and the best method of treatment.

DEXA Exams

DEXA, Dual Energy X-Ray Absortiometry, is a widely used method of measuring bone mineral density. By using enhanced, low dose x-ray technology on the hips and lumbar spine, it measures the degree of bone loss in a patient often determining whether the patient has, or is at risk of osteoporosis.